Charlie 100WC – Week 34

I was in a massive hedge maze at the park i was running around with my friends. But then i got lost and thought to myself “but where could I go.” The hedge maze was as big and wide as a cruise ship. I was starting to panic then I saw something It was looked kind of like a shiny plastic then I went to pick it up then I heard someone coming. It was my friends it seemed forever since I had seen them. They all had smiles on their faces but I don’t know why. Then one of them took off his mask……

2 thoughts on “Charlie 100WC – Week 34

  1. Hi Charlie – wow, what a cliff hanger you’ve left your writing on! I like how it was all normal and then, at the very end. you include the twist. Great writing, well done!

  2. I’m so curious to know what happens next. Excellent job adding the twist ending to your story. You thought it through carefully. However, your writing has some minor errors. For instance, you need to always remember to capitalize the word I. Also, you have a number of sentences and phrases that need to separated by punctuation. Try reading your work out loud and listen to hear where the pauses are. Well done, keep up the good work.

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