Cecilia 100WC – Week 34


The rain was bucketing onto my head, my hair flapping wildly. The wind was howling, and the trees were bending to the ground. I was looking desperately around for a safe place to stay, but where could I go? My vision was blurry, everything looked white and foggy. When suddenly I felt a warm sensation, and could see a bright light out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a house! I ran as fast as I could, stumbling over branches, trying to get to the house. When suddenly I saw a dark, tall shadow approaching…..


2 thoughts on “Cecilia 100WC – Week 34

  1. Hi Cecilia,

    You did an excellent job using descriptive language to build up your story. You grabbed the reader’s attention early and held it to the end, leaving him/her in suspense at the end. What was the dark shadow?

    Ms. Sargent
    Team 100WC–USA

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