Showcased 100WC – Week 32

Special Showcase

I would like to congratulate Cecilia on having her 100WC writing piece from week 32 selected  and awarded as a Special Showcase Piece. This is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all students within 6EK who take part in the 100WC each week.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 6.14.19 pm

The men were in suits, their hair cut straight. Each one had a dead serious face on, and holding a futuristic device. I peeked through the bushes, making sure no one saw me. I needed to report to HQ any info I found out, as I was the head field agent. They were blabbering something to one another, some of the words sounded like a foreign language……I jotted that down in my notebook, when I heard something that gave me the shock of my life, I stumbled forward, completely blowing my cover. They knew where our base was,how?!?!?!?!?

7 thoughts on “Showcased 100WC – Week 32

  1. Dear Cecilia

    Hi my is Aaushka from Campsie public school and I will like to congratulate you for the special showcase good luck.:) Your teacher is really lucky to have you.:)

  2. Dear 6EK,

    Hello I’m Theresa, I want to know what is 100WC? But anyways, I wanted to say congratulation to Cecilia and hope we could know each other well and be friends 🙂
    I think 100WC is a great thing to learn if it is a learning activitie and I never knew you win prizes for the best one!

    From: Theresa A CPS 5Le

  3. Mrs K (for short name)

    Wow! that sounds so amazing how did that happened and really, how?! Is it a people that you know?Wow it is going to be a maze!

  4. Amazing,wonderful and incredable.
    Cecilia you are a increadable writer.I wish I could write like you.Do you write for a hobby? It’s so discriptive.

    You’r little writer,Lizzy from 5le

  5. Hi Cecilia,
    Congratulations on getting showcased again! How many times have you been showcased now?

    I am looking forward to reading more of your 100WC’s!

    From Maggie 6EK

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments, I really appreciate it 😀 I can’t wait to write more 100WC through out this year!

    From Cecilia 😀

  7. Hi our names are Michael, Darren and Jack

    And we thought that Madeleine and Naeve genius hour was great. We all liked how they wanted to stop people from smoking and that they cared about other peoples lives. We all also liked the slideshow it gave us all lots of information and was very detailed. Maybe next time you can summarize your information than reading off the page but we thought it was really great. And we hope that your project will help people to quit smoking.

    From your blogging buddies Michael, Darren and Jack

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