Scienceworks – Our Living Climate

On Friday the year 5 & 6 students went to Scienceworks as part of this terms IBL topic – “What happens when nature goes wrong?”

Below are some of the students reflection posters.

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  • What did you like most about Scienceworks?
  • What did you learn from “Our Living Climate”?
  • Would you recommend for other students to go to Scienceworks?

10 thoughts on “Scienceworks – Our Living Climate

  1. My favourite thing at Scienceworks was the think ahead section. I really liked it because you could design your own car and send it to yourself.I also liked the sound room were it made spooky noises 🙁 🙂

  2. Hi class 6EK,
    It looked like you had a really good time at scienceworks!
    Great posters!
    Can you guess who I am?
    Hint: My daughter is in your class

  3. Hi 6EK
    I have been to scienceworks when I was still in Melborune it was really cool! What do you like best about sciencework?

    From Cindy (4B)

  4. Hi class 6EK

    I think your Sciencework about Climate looks interesting. I think our class could do it too. We studied the Moon and Light. We had a Torch and some cardboard with holes to see if light travels in a straight line.

  5. Hi 6EK,
    I see you guys had a lot of fun at Scienceworks from all your happy faces. All of those posters show how much you enjoyed it all. One thing I would like to know is, if you got to go back to Scienceworks where would you want to go if you could choose? I’ll give you a clue of who I am. My daughter is in your class and she has brown hair. My hair colour is nearly the same as hers. Her eyes are brown but mine are green.
    Who am I?

  6. Hi 6EK,
    I see you guys has lot of fun at Science works from your guys happy face. we learn Science work too we learn about the moon faces.

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