Ella 100WC – Week 32

I stepped off the plane and looked around me. This definitely was not the place I booked my holiday. The ground looked like coal and the sky was unexplainable. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language!  I could barely breath while trying to pull my bag. I couldn’t see ANYTHING! This was supposed to be my getaway, my trip to Hawaii! The doors to the airport were blurred out with smoke. Was this even Hawaii? I finally could see someone and I hurriedly walked up to them. I tapped them on the shoulder and when they turned around I saw their face and knew it wasn’t Hawaii….  Dirty Old Town - Wikipedia,

4 thoughts on “Ella 100WC – Week 32

  1. Hi Ella great job on your 100WC . Your story was really enjoyable, how did you came up with those great descriptive words?

  2. Thanks Claudia,
    I really don’t know how I came up with the words. I guess I read a lot!

    From Ella

  3. Hi Ella,
    It’s Issy your 100WC was great this week! I could really imagine myself stepping off the plane and not being the place where I wanted! How did you get the idea for this great story?
    Well done!
    From Issy

    • Hi Issy,
      Thanks for the great comments!
      I got the idea from my story because there are many different languages around the world and yeah.

      Thanks, Ella

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