Callum 100WC – Week 31

The Giant Bee

I was running when I saw a BIG BEE fall from the sky. When I saw it I was so scared I pooped my pants. I went home to get changed out of my pants and call a scientist to come and see if it was real or it was a freak bee. They came to see the huge bee. It was bigger then two of them on top of each other. The scientists   did some tests. They thought if they touched the stinger of the HUGE bee it might kill  them.t Then I touched it…   

3 thoughts on “Callum 100WC – Week 31

  1. Hello Callum. This is Mrs BC from Class 6B, in the UK. We are your ebuddies! I was reading your 100words – the beginning certainly hooked me in! I do wonder what will happen to you now you have touched the sting? It would be even better if you thought about using a different opener in your sentences, like an adverb like unfortunately or sadly…
    I look forward to reading more of your writing – keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Callum,
    I think the big stinger might be the scariest part of your story! You have used a technique that can be effective in writing….leaving the ending up to the imagination of your readers. Good job!
    I hope you continue to post to 100WC.

    Barbara McFall (Team 100WC)
    Teacher at The Phoenix School, Salem, MA USA

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