Anthony 100WC – Week 31

I slowly slipped into my testing suit, moving towards the doors. they slid open as I heard over the loudspeaker “Testers for test 1670 please report to the chambers, testers for test 1670 please report to the chambers.” The chambers were cold and abandoned. I stepped in and the door shut behind me as some blue gas filled the air. I drifted off and soon, I found myself back first on the floor. I awoke to a giant dead bee next to me. In my hand was a pipe. I gripped it and poked the bee. The wings twitched, then…

5 thoughts on “Anthony 100WC – Week 31

  1. What a brilliant 100 word challenge! You have really gone into detail and used adjectives effectively to tell the reader what is happening in your story!
    I really like how you have described the chambers as ‘cold’ and ‘abandoned’ because I really picture what they look like .
    Well done and thank you for sharing

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I really like your story, well done on getting your work showcased! I especially like the ending of your story, it left a lot of suspense. Well done!

    Cecilia 😀

  3. Wow, this is an imaginative 100 word challenge, Anthony! I love the ending and how you trail off – the suspense is huge! Keep up the excellent writing.

  4. Well done great adjectives but there is one thing to work on the start of the second sentence, you need to add a capital letter. You need to use a different openers than I, the and they try to use a ed, ing or ly opener.

  5. To the great people who commented on my work,

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really enjoyed writing this 100WC. I will keep on writing 100 word challenges for fun and I will keep on improving. I read over my work 5 times and I still made that mistake? Wow 🙂
    Have you ever been very proud of a piece of writing?


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