Genius Hour Term 2

This term we have been working on our questions for Genius Hour. We have been looking at

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions.

Below are our Non-Googleable questions for our Genius hour projects for Term 2.

Genius Hour Term 2 Q



  • Can you give an example of a Googleable vs Non-Googleable questions?
  • Why is it important to look at Non-Googleable questions?
  • What question intrigues you to know more?
  • What question would you like to investigate?
  • What questions/project are you looking forward to seeing at the end of Term 2? Why?

6 thoughts on “Genius Hour Term 2

  1. Dear 6EK,

    I really enjoyed checking out your non-Googleable questions for Genius Hour. I especially liked the questions about building boats, houses and drum kits!

    Does Miss K have her own Genius Hour project? I have been thinking about something that I might like to research during Genius Hour too. I think it would be fun for the teacher to be doing Genius Hour too!

    Keep on being fabulous geniuses!

    From Miss T!

  2. Dear 6EK,
    My name is Jess and I am from Killara P.S Miss Fraser’s class (3/4D),
    We have been doing Genius hour to.
    I am doing it about The first person on Earth.
    What are you doing your Genius hour about 6EK.

    From: Jess:)

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