Cecilia 100WC – Week 30


The beautiful, bright sun peeked through my bedroom window. The sky was deep blue, and the fluffy white clouds drifted peacefully through the sky. I was sitting on my bed, sinking into my soft blanket, reading a good book. Nothing could be more perfect as I watched the birds fly across my yard, and the butterflies as well. Then suddenly I heard a loud MUMFFF! I looked around my room, then I heard it again MUMFFF! Where was the noise coming from? MUMFFF! I stared at my cupboard….. the noise was coming from there. I stepped up to it cautiously, and when I opened the cupboard door…..


3 thoughts on “Cecilia 100WC – Week 30

  1. Wow Cecilia!! I love your story it was beautiful! 🙂 I can sort of imagine that you live in a great house.

    From,Jenny in 5le (cps)

  2. Hi Cecilia,

    That was a great story, with lots of good adjectives! I could really imagine the setting. I wonder what was in the cupboard.

    From 6EK

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