Last week the students explore what ANZAC Day was. They created an origami book full of poems, facts, prayers and information on ANZAC DAY. The students also learnt the song the Last Anzac.

Below is the song that the students learnt and some photos of their ANZAC DAY books.


  • What does ANZAC stand for?
  • What is ANZAC Day?
  • What is one interesting fact you have learnt about ANZAC Day?
  • Did you do anything special for ANZAC Day?

4 thoughts on “ANZAC Day

  1. Hi Guys
    My name is Xavier and I am in Grade 6 at Holy Spirit Primary. I think that it is a great idea to put up an ANZAC tribute song and it was such a moving one as well. What do you think?
    Hopefully you could visit the my classes blog at
    Bye for now

  2. Hi 6EK

    I love your poppy pictures.
    Which one is your favourite?

    From Amber 4B 😛 🙂 😀 :O :B

  3. Hi class 6EK,

    My name is Catherine from 5LE Campsie Public School. My school celebrate ANZAC Day as well. We even had a ANZAC Day assembly and had a 2 minute silence to remember the the soldiers that fought in the war. I think that ANZAC Day is important because the soldiers are very brave to fought for our country.

    Happy Blogging

    Catherine 5LE Campsie Public School

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