Shaun 100WC – Week 29

But I couldn’t find the egg.Crafty mums making impossible hiding spots for our easter egg hunt every easter. I was searching for the biggest ever 1 tonne egg I saw delivered by a truck earlier this morning.Surely you’re probably thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard to find a 1 tonne easter egg.Its not hollow so its small.We live on a farm so I guess that it wouldn’t be that hard to find it.”HAVE YOU FOUND ANYTHING” shouts mum from the house.I sigh and say”not yet mum” hopefully soon.Oh well gotta run.

2 thoughts on “Shaun 100WC – Week 29

  1. Very creative Shaun. I wonder where the 1 tonne easter egg really is? I like the way you have talked directly to your reader – ‘I’m sure you’re wondering…’. It makes your writing very personal and direct. Just remember to use question marks to show when your characters are asking a question.

    Great writing though 🙂

    Mrs Tunnicliffe
    Riders Junior School
    Havant, Hampshire, UK

    p.s. You may also have a comment from one of the children in my class.

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