Callum 100WC – Week 29

But I Couldn’t Find The Egg

It was the time. It was finally EASTER and  I run outside to go and find the jumbo egg before my brother and sister. I was looking for the egg when I heard my brother and sister getting up to find the egg to so I ran inside and made myself breakfast. They didn’t know I was looking for it. When we all went outside at the same time I went to where I saw it. But I couldn’t find the egg, it was gone. I said to myself where is it. I looked everywhere in the backyard.

2 thoughts on “Callum 100WC – Week 29

  1. Hello Callum,
    Your plot includes an interesting concept. Getting up before your siblings to stake out the location of the jumbo egg is clever and sneaky. The mischievous nature of the act raises the readers curiosity which is a great writing strategy.
    The twist of the disappearing egg at the end of the story is a well thought of cliff hanger. An unexpected outcome and a mysterious occurrence are exciting story elements.
    My suggestion for making your writing even better is to try infusing some rich, vivid describing words into your writing. Using interesting describing words will help to make your writing more engaging and stimulating for the reader.
    Your imagination is unique and makes the story fun to read.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas,
    Gina Felton (Team 100, Iowa USA)

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