Term 1 Genius Hour Projects

Cecilia and Breianna:

How can we make different Art and Crafts?
Click on the image to take you to their site.
CB Arts and Craft

Julian, Jesse, Joseph:

What does it take to build a model rocket?

Naeve, Maggie and Isabelle:

Which destination in our around Australia holiday has the biggest population?

Charlie, Will and Fraser:

What are the NAB records?


How far can a golf ball travel?

Click on the link to access the mini-book Anthony created. GeniusHourMiniBook-Anthony

Ella and Amy:

How much would it cost to go on our dream holiday?


What is the history of Canon cameras?

Callum and Patrick:

What is the history of the NBA?

Claudia and Madeleine:

How many styles of dance are there?


What is the history of Apple? What are the aspects of Apple products?


What is the history of planes?

Mary and Jasmine:

What is the evolution of Dinosaurs?


IMG_2355 IMG_2358 IMG_2357IMG_2356


  • What did you learn from these Genius Hour projects?
  • What do you think your next research question will be?
  • What do you like most about Genius Hour?

9 thoughts on “Term 1 Genius Hour Projects

  1. Hello Miss K and Class 6EK,

    Congratulations on your Genius Hr projects and all the other works you have have posted on the blog. What an array of interests and skills! Fantastic job. Well done.

    Looking forward to your hangout presentation this afternoon. However, I’m wondering if Miss K may be able to give us some pointers if it’s not too late… How do we actually watch/join the hangout? It is currently saying “no access to view” and I notice there are a few of us under “not responded”. Thanks for any help. Otherwise, hopefully it will become more obvious later as the hangout starts…

    Congrats again and all the best with your presentations!

    Majella, Cecilia’s mum

    • In case it may be useful for anyone new to Google Hangout like me, I found that:
      (1) updating my profile on Google+ account guided me through the process of joining “circles” etc;
      (2) I could only answer the ques “Will you be watching?” within the “notices” section of the Event page; and
      (3) an App was required if using iPad, but Mac/PC was ok.

      I’m wondering though, is it essential to be listed under “watching” in order to view the broadcast? Or have others listed under “not responded” been able to view it too?

      We’re all learning! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi 6 EK.
    Fantastic work with all of your Genius Hour presentations.
    I really enjoyed hearing about your research and I’ve learnt lots of new things.
    I think that you all presented your work very well.
    How did you feel speaking live to all of the viewers online?

  3. Dear 6EK,

    We loved watching your Genius Hour projects on Hangouts this afternoon. Thanks for presenting and allowing us to ask you a few questions. Your work was very inspiring! We love Genius Hour because it gives us choice in what we learn and to follow our interests, and we can see that you enjoy this as well. We hope that we will be able to show you some of our projects at the end of Term 2.

    From Mr Speranza on behalf of everyone @ http://www.stmarks56.global2.vic.edu.au

  4. Well done everyone on there Genius Hour presentations. All of them where really good and entertaining. I hope everyone watching enjoyed. I can’t wait to do it again.
    From Naeve

  5. Dear 6EK,
    WOW! Great work. It looks like you worked really hard on it! Keep the good work up.
    -Amy 😀

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