Toms 100WC – Week 28


It was a windy and gloomy day. I was with my  cousin and brother we were all alone in a old and  crummy house. I was sacred in fright to  thunder and creepy shaking trees waving at me. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. we quickly hid in a cupboard. Then my cousin dropped a old precious glass vase from one of the shelves on top of us and I tried to reach it but I thought I had enough time. The footsteps got closer and closer until it stopped and said who is there.Then we quickly escaped…….  

One thought on “Toms 100WC – Week 28

  1. Toms, it sounds like an intense situation in your story setting of an old, crummy house. The bad weather sets the setting as well. You have a good, mysterious story started.

    Mrs. Peterson
    TX, USA

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