Congratulations Cecilia

I am in disbelief, well done Cecilia on having your second 100WC writing pieced showcased this term. Well Done to all students in 6Ek take part in the 100WC each week.

Special Showcase


I can see myself as a Night Zookeeper, with my uniform on and the moon shining bright. The Nilth Monsters coming out, and I get to fight them in the dark night sky. After I defeat them, I get to look after amazing creatures. From candy breathing dragons, to penguins who eat fireworks. I’d get to jump between the floating mountains, and breath in the fresh air. Then I’d get to go ice skating in the ice jungles. The creatures would love me, as I  would feed them cookies and icecream. That’s why I’d love to be a Night Zookeeper.

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