Alex 100WC – Week 28

I should have ran but I thought I had enough time. It was the dumbest thing I had done my whole life and it was the last. I remember parts of the night like the chill of the wind that made my skin prickle and at the same time the warmth of the flames that made my skin burn. I sit here in the unknown world of demons, devils and fire when I could be on earth. I started the fire with a old rusty can of oil from my dad’s shed. The walk to the forest was long but as I got closer anticipation grew…        

2 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 28

  1. Hi Alex,

    Great job with this week’s 100 Word Challenge. It’s a very intriguing story. I wish it was a 200 word challenge because I want to know what happens next!!

    I like your choice of words, especially ‘anticipation’ and your phrasing ‘it was the dumbest thing I had done my whole life and also the last’ and ‘my skin prickle.’

    Thanks for sharing your writing.

    Miss Crowther
    Team 100WC

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