Will 100WC – Week 27

I would love to be a zookeeper simply because I want to disco with the Elephant, take the Monkeys on in a maths competition, and see if i could beat the Lions in a roar competition. good answers said the manager of the zoo. ‘so tell some reason why you like this zoo’? said the manager. ‘some reason I want to be at the zoo is to really get to know the Animals’. ‘Ok you will hopefully be getting a good letter in November’. ‘ok thank you for letting me come and talk to you. you’re very welcome Jack Davis’.

2 thoughts on “Will 100WC – Week 27

  1. Hi Will,

    A clever way to approach this week’s 100 Word Challenge with an interview between Jack and the manager.

    Imagine ‘discoing’ with elephants and maths competitions with monkeys! You are very creative. 🙂

    To make your writing even better, remember to use capital letters each time a character starts to speak.

    Thanks for sharing your writing with the world!

    Miss Crowther
    Team 100WC

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