What is my 3D shape?


  • Did you guess any of the 3D shapes?
  • Did you know all the 3D shapes?
  • What was your favourite 3D shape?

2 thoughts on “What is my 3D shape?

  1. Dear Class 6EK,
    They were some great shapes! I couldn’t guess many of them. The ones that I didn’t know were the Frustum, the Lcocahedron and the Icosahedron. Those were my favourites along with the Torus. Recently my class has been learning about 3d shapes.

    Bye, Madeline

    • Dear Class 6EK,
      When I told you about the shapes I didn’t know, it was an accident to type the word Lcocahedron. I wrote down the shapes I didn’t know so that I wouldn’t forget and then I got confused. Sorry.


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