Breianna 100WC – Week 27

I’d love a job as a night zookeeper because all the spying giraffes, time travelling elephants, car driving iguana’s and flying zebras will not stand a chance when I’m laughing my head off watching their antics. It would also be great for those dark foggy nights where there will be glowing penguins lighting the way. It will also be a great help when on a clear night if a jumping rolling lion escapes I’ll ask the howling meerkats to warn everyone to look out. It would be awesome when the cleaning porcupine’s give everyone a wash all in a line.

2 thoughts on “Breianna 100WC – Week 27

  1. Hi Breianna,

    Your story is amazing! I love all the different animals you’ve used in your story, especially the glowing penguins 😀

    Keep up the great work!

    From Cecilia

  2. Wow, there are so many amazing animals in your story, Breianna. You would definitely make a good night zookeeper!

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