WOW! 4 Weeks 4 Students in 6EK 100WC Showcased

I am in disbelief 4 students in 4weeks have now had their 100WC writing showcased. I would like to congratulate Alex this week on having his 100WC writing piece from week 25 selected  and awarded as a Special Showcase Piece.  Alex is the forth student in 6EK this year to have his work awarded as a Special Showcase Piece. Well Done to  Cecilia, Maggie, Joseph and Alex on this fantastic achievement.


This is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all students within 6EK who take part in the 100WC each week.

Alex 100WC – Week 25

The Snow and Winds

The icy wind blew chaotically, rustling the girl’s hair. Her coat wrapped around her waist to try to keep the warmth of her lantern. She pushed through the snowy hillsides that were dotted with trees. They swayed side to side and when a  branch swatted her hips she stumbled and fell to the ground. The light of the lantern grew dull and then started flickering, but when she lifted the lid it puffed out completely and left a sad trail of fowl smoke. She shouted in frustration and wept silently. The wind kept howling and suddenly the frantic sound of a barking dog filled the air.

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