Toms 100WC – Week 26


I was going to Melbourne Zoo with my classmates and teachers and soon we arrived with Shook to find out that the Melbourne Zoo has been closed to a missing tiger that has been loose. At night time that day one of my friend’s dad got attacked by the tiger that was loose. As I was outside riding my bike uphill suddenly the tiger appeared and jumped over my head. I called my parents and he said look up can you see the tiger and that moment they quickly called the zoo keepers and put him back where he belonged.  


3 thoughts on “Toms 100WC – Week 26

  1. Hi Tom,

    Phew, I’m glad the zookeepers caught the runaway tiger and your character wasn’t eaten!

    I think it’s a creative story and like how you added detail to describe how you were riding your bike uphill.

    Thanks for sharing your writing!

    Miss Crowther
    Team 100WC

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