Shaun 100WC – Week 26

Tom look up! Can you see that.”See what”asked Richard confused and puzzled.”That”Exclaimed Tom.Soaring above them was a giant U.F.O.The boys struggled against the pulling of the U.F.O trying to abduct them.To them it felt like they were running through thick ,black  ,gluggly tar.They couldn’t take the force of it any longer so they gave up.As they slowly drifted up they weren’t sure what life would be like wherever they were heading.When the U.F.O had left Tom’s mum stepped out and shouted”dinners ready!”But there was no reply…


2 thoughts on “Shaun 100WC – Week 26

  1. Good job Shaun you 100WC was great and I like how you put the prom tat the start and not at the end or in the middle.

    From Breianna

  2. Great 100wc entry Shaun. Lots of lovely descriptions and use of speech, making it a very vivid read. Great ending too!

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