Isabelle 100WC – Week 26

The breeze of the cold air was rushing through my hair. I was stretching and pulling trying to get myself up. I could see that the sun was rising, I turned around to see the bright red hot sun, my eyes started glowing. My brother wasn’t far behind I said to him look up! Can you see, he turned around his face was turning bright red and he was hypnotised by the sun. We started walking faster to  get up the mountain but the wind was getting stronger. Finally we got up and sat there waiting for our eyes to light up. And they did.


One thought on “Isabelle 100WC – Week 26

  1. Hi Isabelle, thanks for submitting to 100wc. I really like this story and would love to know more about these characters! I especially like your use of description and your use of the word ‘hypnotised’. Next time, have a go at using speech marks when someone talks. Well done!

    Jacqui (Team 100)

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