Anthony 100WC – Week 26

Harry and Elmer were very good friends. They knew each other off by heart.

One day, Elmer looked up and saw something gliding high up in the fluffy clouds above them.

“Harry, look up! Can you see it?” Elmer told Harry. They both looked up and thought what could it bee?

Elmer suggested it was a bird. “Can’t you see? That thing is way too big to be a bird.” Explained Harry. “It’s obviously a plane!”

The two argued and didn’t realised the object had disappeared, or had it? Harry and Elmer looked at the sky with confusion and then the 2 turned to see…

One thought on “Anthony 100WC – Week 26

  1. Very interesting! I like the way you ended with a cliffhanger, so readers can guess what happened next, but not know for sure.

    I hope you’ll keep participating in this challenge so we can read more of your work.

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