Lead the Way incursion

Today our class had an incursion called ‘Lead the Way’.

This incursion focused on leadership.

Student Reflections:

Ella: – I though it helped you learn about leadership in a fun way.

Issy: – I really liked how they got scenes from The Lorax to teach us.

Alex: – I enjoyed the games we played to help us learn about leadership.

Charlie- I liked how it wasn’t boring and it was fun while learning.

Anthony – I enjoyed the presentation and themini games we played

Amy- I really liked the presentation and all of the games and videos were really fun.

Fraser- Today they told us how to be a good leader.

Joseph- I learnt to be a good leader you need to have good influence

Julian- I learnt how to be a good leader and I really liked the presentation.

Mary- I learnt how to have a good influence on other people.

Shaun-I learnt how to be a good leader.

Jesse They taught me things I didn’t know.

Will Learnt about being a leader

Cecilia: – I learned that you need really good values to be a good leader. I also really enjoyed the games, and the videos they showed us.

Breianna- I learned that you do not have to be the best person to be a leader.

Callum- I learnt to be a better leader.

Toms-I learned that you got to be as  good role model to be a good leader.

Claudia: I learned about how I can be a better leader

Madeleine: I learnt that you have to be a good role model of the school.

Maggie – I liked playing games about being a leader. 

Naeve: – I learned that being a leader is not always about leading the school it can be helping little kids.






  • What makes a good leader?
  • Can you name a leader and explain why they are a leader?
  • What skills can you share with others about being a leader?

3 thoughts on “Lead the Way incursion

  1. Hi everyone,

    I had lots of fun during the lead the way presentation. You need good values to be a great leader. I can’t wait to have more incursions throughout the year.

    From Cecilia

  2. Hi Miss K and 6EK,

    I really enjoyed this incursion. I even got to take part in it! It was great fun learning about leadership and things that leaders should/shouldn’t be. It was awesome.

  3. Hi Miss K,
    I loved the lead the way incursion. The activities were great! I loved how they used The Lorax scenes to teach us to be a good leader. I’ve learnt that you have to have good values to be a leader. It was great.

    From Issy 🙂

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