Student Blogging Challenge

As part of this weeks Student Blogging Challenge to create an ‘About Us Page’. The students in 6EK decided to create a presentation together on GAFE about our interests and hobbies. This week we learnt about what personal information was appropriate to share online and what was not appropriate.



  • What information did you learn about sharing personal information online?
  • What are some things we know not to include on online spaces?
  • What tips do you have for other’s who are creating an online profile?

4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Wow 6EK!

    I love your About Me pages! I feel like I know so much about you now, but it’s good to see that you didn’t include any really personal information.
    In 4B we know that we shouldn’t include our surnames online, or our address at home.
    What are your thoughts about having your photo online?

    From Miss T 🙂

    • Hi Miss T,

      Thanks for your comment. In answer to your photos question
      Cecilia: – It is ok to put photos up as long as they are appropriate
      Alex: – Do not link your name to a photo that can be traced back to you
      Mary: – Better if you upload a photo that is anonymous
      Will:- If you put name to photo make sure there is no details in photo that can be linked back to you. eg If wearing school uniform do not link name to photo as can be linked back to school.
      Shaun: – We should always remember to add positive photos to build a positive digital footprint.
      What does your class think about having photos online?

      From Class 6EK

  2. Dear 6EK
    We’re looking at Habits of Mind as well. This week we are looking at Working Together.
    From Cindy

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