Maggie 100WC – Week 25

The Chest

The waves crashed onto the shore of the mysterious land out at sea. The evening sun transformed the sky into a lovely peachy shade. Through the dense green tropical rainforest lay a little wooden hut, up in a fig tree the size of the moon. Lucy slowly approached the fore shore, when something odd caught the corner of her eye. When she took a closer peek, she found a chest. The chest was old and it had this look about it, as if it was waiting, just waiting for someone to open it and uncover what was inside. But when she lifted the lid…  

2 thoughts on “Maggie 100WC – Week 25

  1. This short story managed to really interest me as a reader, it left me wondering what on Earth could be inside the mysterious chest. Excellent use of adjectives throughout, Maggie. Keep up the good work!

  2. Maggie, this was an exceptional 100 WC. You have drawn the reader in with your wide use of vocabulary. Just remember to use commas when you are making a list!

    Keep up the outstanding writing!

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