Anthony 100WC – Week 25

The Mysterious Box

Jack was a very king kid at his school. He was every teacher’s pet, from prep to art, sport to every other subject there was. That was one of the reasons everyone made fun of Him. The other was that he was the smallest in year 4. One day Jack’s sport teacher asked him to get a soccer ball from the sport cupboard. As he slowly limped towards the cupboard, a strange glow came from the cracks in the mysterious cupboard. When everyone left the classroom, Jack told Mia. When Mia opened the cupboard, there was a box but when she lifted the lid…

5 thoughts on “Anthony 100WC – Week 25

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. By the way, Umut Hackney and Milly, it was 104, not over 106. The title doesn’t count 🙂

    From Anthony.

  2. Da da daaaaaaa!!! What was under the lid???
    Great ending Anthony, leaving the reader on a cliff hanger is a sure way that peopl will think about your story long after they have read it.
    Well done, keep up the good work.
    Libby (team100wc)

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