Shaun 100WC – Week 25

Hannah was curious about was in the box.But when she lifted the lid a blinding light filled the room causing Hannah to stumble backwards and made her smash her mother’s new vase. She knew she would be in trouble so she jumped in the box and she was teleported to a whole new world.Her life was about to change forever. Hannah didn’t know where that box she came in went because all she could see was a bright light at the end of the street so she went to go and check it out. But when she was welcomed in she was out cold…


3 thoughts on “Shaun 100WC – Week 25

  1. To Shaun,
    I really like your Story it is a really good tittle that you have and the story.
    From Callum.

  2. I would be scared if I was that little girl, it’s never fun to have your mother angry with you. How adventurous though, to jump in the box. Well done, keep writing!

  3. Wow, what a creative story! It was a pleasure to read. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this and it’s paid off! If you could improve anything it would be the bit where “she went to go and check it out.” Maybe she could have stumbled terrified towards the mysterious light? Your cliff-hanger ending works very well. Great story, well done.

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