Alex 100WC – Week 25

The Snow and Winds

The icy wind blew chaotically, rustling the girl’s hair. Her coat wrapped around her waist to try to keep the warmth of her lantern. She pushed through the snowy hillsides that were dotted with trees. They swayed side to side and when a  branch swatted her hips she stumbled and fell to the ground. The light of the lantern grew dull and then started flickering, but when she lifted the lid it puffed out completely and left a sad trail of fowl smoke. She shouted in frustration and wept silently. The wind kept howling and suddenly the frantic sound of a barking dog filled the air.


6 thoughts on “Alex 100WC – Week 25

  1. You are a very talented writer, Alex. Your writing builds from the very first carefully chosen words: chaotically, rustling. Each sentence builds on the next, creating interest, intrigue and suspense. I would love to read the continuation of this story as I am left with so many questions.
    Your writing has left me a very deep sense of foreboding – fabulous.
    The best piece I have read all year in the 100WC!
    Mrs. Middleton
    Team 100WC
    Surrey, B.C., Canada

    • Thank you Mrs Middleton. It’s great to know that people around the world are looking at my work and it is even better knowing that they enjoy my writing. Thank you for looking at my writing and giving great overall feedback.

      From Alex

  2. ha i like the story alot you should keep writing more storys. You shoud add some more puncuation other wise it’s 100/10!! 😀

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your feed back. Can you give me some examples if what you mean by adding more punctuation.

      Thanks Alex

  3. This is wonderfully written. I could relate to the character and visualize what she was going through. Keep writing!

  4. We’ll done Alex when I herd you say your 100WC out to the class I was amazed of how detailed it was and well how great it was. You deserved your 100WC to be showcased. If yours is the 4th to be showcased that will mean that we need one more for a party. Any way your was awesome and it is good that you did not change the prompt. I also think that your whiting has given me an idea for a story but I do not think it would be as great and as wonderful as yours.

    From Breianna

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