Class Blogging Challenge.

This week is the beginning of the annual Student and Class Blogging Challenge.

Class 6EK, is extremely excited to be apart of this years Blogging Challenge. Each week a new ‘challenge’ is posted to help us become responsible digital citizens and explore the power of using blogs in our 21st century classroom.

Keep an eye out each week for new and exciting things appearing on our class blog.

If you would like to read more about the Student Blogging Challenge follow the link.

2014 Student Blogging Challenge

4 thoughts on “Class Blogging Challenge.

  1. Hi Miss K
    I am very excited to be doing this! I think this going to be really fun
    How long does it go for?

    From Ella

    • Hi Ella,

      This is very exciting. I have not done this Blogging Challenge before and I am looking forward to doing it with our class. The challenge goes for 10 weeks.

      Miss K

  2. Hi 6EK,
    You have done so good and we think you are learning lots.we have being learning about habits of the mind too.

    keep the good work up!

    From Maya

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