21st Century Learners

As part of our Inquiry unit this Term we are looking at WHAT IS A 21ST CENTURY LEARNER?

Within our classroom we have looked at how we use a range of tools to support 21st Century Learners they include

  • The Habits of the Mind
  • Multiple IntelligencesIMG_2045
  • The 5 C’s5 C's - 21st Century Learning

Below is a presentation on the Habits of the Mind that the students in 6EK created collaboratively together on in class. As well as photos of how we incorporate the 5 C’s in our learning space.


  • How are you a 21st Century Learner?
  • What tools do you use within the classroom to create a 21st Century Learning space?
  • What tool do you like to use most in our classroom and why? (Skype, Blogs, Twitter, GAFE, Chromebooks, iPads, Verso etc)

5 thoughts on “21st Century Learners

  1. Hi 6EK,
    My name is Miss Fraser and I teach the Learning Lizards – we are your eBuddies this year!
    I really enjoyed flicking through your Google Slides on the Habits of Mind. I love using Google Apps in the classroom and am just starting to introduce my 3/4s to it. We are also looking at the Habits of Mind this week in class. My favourite habits are “finding humour, responding with wonderment and awe and managing impulsivity.” I think my class definitely need help with the last one! What is your favourite Habit of Mind?
    Hopefully we can Skype soon – perhaps we can have a chat about the Habits of Mind?
    From Miss Fraser πŸ™‚

  2. Hi 6EK,

    I love seeing what you’re learning about the Habits of Mind. We are using the Habits of Mind this year as well and at our Chapel service each week, the Year 6’s will be presenting a student from each class with a ‘Habits of Mind’ Award. It’s very exciting.

    What do you think is the most important habit that you have learnt about so far? Do you think that there can be one that is more important than the rest?

    From Miss T πŸ™‚

  3. Hi 6EK
    My class (5EM) have been learning about the habits of the mind as well. We all made a presentation about a habit. You sound like your learning lots of things!

    From Hannah πŸ™‚

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