Toms 100WC – Week 24


Once upon there use to be a boy called Pinocchio he use to be a decent boy until he got an Chromebook on his birthday. He was always using the Chromebook for being naughty and bullying others. His nose kept on getting longer and longer until it was 20 meters. Then one day as he was surfing online a browser popped up saying get a trip to the wonderland and it asked for his parents credit card number phone number and email address.Pinocchio typed all of his details and then suddenly the Chromebook sucked him into a different universe.

3 thoughts on “Toms 100WC – Week 24

  1. I think Pinocchio got what he deserved in your story. I really like the way your modern version gives a message out that bullying is not good. Great entry Tom for the 100WC, thank you.

  2. Great work on you 100 word challenge! I liked that you used Pinocchio rather than using a princess or king. It was a very funny story. Well done


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