Jasmine 100WC – Week 24

As I walked along the huge tree I sat down beside it since its a hot sunny day. Miffy my pet cat was hungry so he jumped out of the tree, into the catflap and had a mouthful of fish. It was getting darker and Miffy was probably out hunting so i decided to go home. a little seed from above fell and hit my head. “ouch!” i yelped. I randomly picked the seed up and continued walking back to home. It was so dark i can’t even see a thing. Seven minutes later i shone the torch and realised i walked into a forest!  I heard miffy’s meow echoing through the trees and as i saw her i was relieved. Miffy saved my life! We returned home safely.

3 thoughts on “Jasmine 100WC – Week 24

  1. Dear Jasmine,
    This is a lovely piece of writing. By the way check for capital letters. Good job Jasmine. I loved this writing good luck on the next one.

    From Catia

  2. Great Job Jasmine on your story! I liked how your story was different to others. Just remember to use capital letters at the start of a sentience or for a name or place.
    You made a great story. I can’t wait to read your next story.
    From Naeve
    P.S. Do you have a cat and is its name Miffy.

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