Ella 100WC – Week 24


Alice just got a brand new laptop and was already on it straight away. Suddenly on the laptop there was a pop-up screen that read “come join in wonderland…” Instantly she clicked on the screen and put in all her personal details, then the world started spinning and she felt like she was falling. THUMP! She plonked on the ground and a cat appeared out of no-where. “Hello Alice, how are you?” whispered the cat. Than her phone vibrated. “Meet me at 12:00 for a tea party – Mad Hatter.” Alice screamed and then she became really dizzy…

still living in Oxford and

3 thoughts on “Ella 100WC – Week 24

  1. What a brilliant twist on Alice in Wonderland – I really like how you have brought modern technology into your story.
    I’m glad you used ‘whispered’ instead of just said – it’s much more interesting!

    I wonder what will happen at the tea party.

    Thank you for sharing.

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