Mary 100WC – Week 24

The Tortoise and the Bear

Once upon a time, deep in the forest a race was about to start. It was the day of the semi-final.  Tortoise was meant to be versing the hare but he became sick, so instead he was versing Bear. “On your mark, get set… go! squawked  crow. Bear trotted through the, marshy pine forest, taking the lead.The tortoise stumbled through the obstacle course. The bear spied a tree filled with honey. I’ll just take one small scoop of honey. Thought Bear. An hour later, tortoise crossed the line. Tortoise had won once again! He was into the Grand Final.


One thought on “Mary 100WC – Week 24

  1. Hi Mary,
    That was a great story. I liked how you described the pine forest.
    I have never heard this story before, do you think you could tell me what it is about?

    Keep up the good work!
    From Maggie

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