Last week the students in 6EK looked at what love meant to them.

Through the use of VersoApp students watched a video on LOVE and then created an anonymous discussion where they answered the question ‘What does LOVE mean to you?’ Once students had done this they then created a collage of what love meant to them.

Student responses to “What does LOVE mean to you?”

  • Love means to take care of someone and the other person will do the same thing for you.
  • Love means doing something that makes you happy or being with someone that makes you happy. 🙂
  • Love to me means that you can love anything in the world but it doesn’t have to be in the relationship way.
  • Love means to me that I love all my family and friends but differently. I love the way I am different from everyone else and I have a different interests and personalities. I love photography, learning and basketball but I know that others don’t like/love the same things as me.
  • There are three different types of love, there is the kissy in love one, there is the liking things one and there is the friends one. I love my family and I like to kiss them goodnight. I like to eat food and play hockey. And I love my friends because they make me feel happy. One big thing about love for me is that it makes me feel happy and good about myself.


  • What do you LOVE?
  • What does LOVE mean to you?
  • What did you learn about LOVE?

One thought on “Love

  1. You guys have done a great job of sharing your thoughts on love. I would encourage you to explore and share other subjects. I will be sharing your site with many educators who follow me. Thank you very much for this opportunity to comment.

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