Fraser 100WC – Week 24

The 3 Little Builders

Once upon a time there were three little pig’s there names were Jack, Sam and Ben. They all attempted to build a new house, but the didn’t how to build their house. So they went on the internet on their computer’s to look at the materials. Jack found the material wood, Sam found the material glass and Ben found the material paper. Then they all needed one more thing it was a machine to help build it. On they went to build their houses with some help from the machine and the were ready to go to battle.




6 thoughts on “Fraser 100WC – Week 24

    • Thank you for your feedback! Yes I have 100 words I needed two more words and then I just added the end.
      Thanks Fraser

  1. I really liked your modern twist on a Traditional Tale! How clever to make it a competition. The machine you have mentioned made me curious. What type of machine is it? some brackets for extra information or adjectives could have helped me. This is a very clever story. Well done.

    • Thank you for your feedback Miss Robinson. The machine is called ‘The Magical House Building Speed Machine’.
      Thanks Fraser

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