Charlie 100WC – Week 24

Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Once upon a time Charlie was walking down the street in the dark misty fog, then suddenly a shadow appeared it was gleary you could just see a body. So he started running into a tunnel then a light appeared  it was a man he said “come on follow me”. Charlie followed him it was the lolly man. Then they went to the lolly shop. Charlie bought a Wonka Bar inside there was a golden ticket he ran home to tell his family. The next week they were waiting for the gates to open but it was just a prank.


2 thoughts on “Charlie 100WC – Week 24

  1. Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for your story this week. I am not familiar with the story but I enjoyed it. I hope the chocolate gets produced in enough quantities to reach the less privileged children around the world.
    Well done!

  2. Wow Charlie!
    This was really good. I really liked the ending how it was just a prank. I felt a bit sorry for Charlie though because he was so happy when he got the ticket. Overall i thought this was really good. Next time mate you should to a full story on this.

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