Breianna 100WC – Week 24

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Once there was a evil queen and a princess called Snow White. Snow White found out that the evil queen wanted her dead, she ran away into the forest to a small house. It belonged to the seven dwarfs she cleaned up around the house. When they got home she told them her situation they all agreed that she could stay. What they didn’t know was that the evil queen was coming for her using her GPS. Within seconds she found Snow White but she fell into a trap. The seven dwarfs had to free her using a technology trap.  

4 thoughts on “Breianna 100WC – Week 24

  1. Breianna, I enjoyed the way in which you made your fairytale ‘current’ referencing GPS & technology. Well done, a good 100 word challenge.

    Team 100 wc (United Kingdom).

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