Well Done Cecilia

I would like to congratulate Cecilia on having her 100WC writing piece from week 22 selected  and awarded as a Special Showcase Piece. 


This is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all students within 6EK who take part in the 100WC each week.

Cecilia’s 100WC – Week 22- 


I stumbled into the forrest, lost and confused. The trees blended into the mist, looking like a dark blur. My vision was pitch black, nothing in my sight I could see, although I could feel the prickly tops of passing branches as I walked. Then suddenly, a light that almost blinded me appeared, a beautiful stretch of colourful lights appeared around me, and a mysterious golden and green floating house immediately caught my attention. I was in complete awe, I stepped closer to it, then suddenly I blacked out……….and could vaguely see an evil grin as I drifted off……….

13 thoughts on “Well Done Cecilia

  1. Good job Cecilia! In my class this week we have been talking about visualising. Your writing used lots of imagery. Keep it up!

  2. This sounds really cool! Is this real or fake? Great writing! If you want to comment back to me got to Mas5thgrade.org and look for Canelover29!

  3. Congratulations Cecilia!
    It just shows that hard work pays off! Well done 🙂
    Keep up the amazing writing!

    Miss T

  4. Good job Cecilia your 100w challenge is really entertaining and congratulations for it getting published your an amazing writer.

  5. Great job Cecilia your 100 Word Challenge deserved to go through I wish that mine went through.
    From Breianna

  6. Wow Cecilia great job!. i love how you used all of that descriptive writing. How do you come up with great stories like that?

  7. Good job Cecilia.it was very interesting and it was very descriptive.
    How do you get your writing to be so descriptive and so good?

  8. Great job Cecilia. Really loved the piece you wrote. I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished. Hope we our class can get a few more in the show case and I’m looking forward to see you in the showcase soon.

  9. Your writing is really good and interesting and I hope you can make more great stories to share to everyone.

  10. Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I can’t wait to write more 100WC this year.

    Cecilia 😀

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