eBuddies: Skype with Class 5LE

Our Class takes part in an eBuddies program where we share our learning with a few other classes around the world. Today we had our second Skype session with Class 5LE from Campsie Public School in Sydney.

As it was our first Skype session with Class 5LE. During our Skype session  we asked a few questions to help us to get to know them better. Some interesting things we learnt about their school include:

  • They are a bilingual school which means for one hour a day their lesson is taught in Korean
  • They have 750 students nearly double the amount of students at our school.
  • The students in Class 5LE are doing Genius Hour
  • They have a school band and dance group
  • They start school at 8:45am and finish at 3pm.

We are looking forward to continuing to share and learn more with Class 5LE and the other classes involved in eBuddies.



  • What do you like most about Skype in Class 6EK?
  • What were some other differences between Class 5LE and Class 6EK?
  • If you could ask Class 5LE another question what would it be?

3 thoughts on “eBuddies: Skype with Class 5LE

  1. Hi 6EK,
    Thank you for the Skype call today. We are very excited to be part of the ebuddies14 program. It was definately really interesting to share our similarities and differences.

    We look forward to another Skype session too.

    Mrs Goudis

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  3. Hi Class 6EK,
    We hope you are having fun in Year 6. We are having heaps of fun in 3/4.
    What are you learning about at the moment? We are learning lots of facts about the brain.
    From Charlotte and Eve

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