Cecilia 100WC – Week 23


Chloe and I were searching for the legendary golden statue. We were in a misty dark cave and were pushing through the earth, up to our knees in filthy moldy, water and algae. We sloshed our boots through the wreckage and tried to focus on the map, but I couldn’t. I could swear that a beady pair of huge white eyes were looking at us, watching our every move. The cave seemed to be a death trap, a venus fly trap waiting for its next victims. Suddenly I heard a startling noise, and I was swallowed through the caves mouth.

2 thoughts on “Cecilia 100WC – Week 23

  1. This is a really good story, and uses lots of good, descriptive words. It has a good plot, and structure, but I can’t seem to find the phrase ‘pushing through the earth’ in it. Well done, its a great story!
    Fulneck school,

  2. Cecilia –

    What a clever, and scary story! The vocabulary really impressed me, as well: “sloshing” and “algae” particulary stood out. Have a think about punctuation: especially in lists of adjectives. It’s quite tricky to get right, but you’re writing so well that it might be an interesting challenge for you.

    Well done,


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