Maggie 100WC – Week 23

I was running but I couldn’t see where I was going. The early morning sun came through the branches of the trees causing me to feel blinded. Someone was following me. The butterflies in my stomach were starting to turn into large dragonflies. The thick dense woodland was starting to clear away. I could see the pathway coming to an end. In one quick movement  everything went from bad to worse. I could feel my legs pushing through the earth. The quick sand was flowing making me fall quicker. I turned my head to the left only to find the dark shadow approaching…

10 thoughts on “Maggie 100WC – Week 23

  1. WOW! We really enjoyed reading your story especially the way you described the setting and your feelings. Our class really loved the butterflies turning to dragonflies and we think we will magpie that for our writing.

    Keep up the good work and please visit our blogs too.

    • Thanks for your feedback! I really enjoyed reading it. It makes me feel happy that other people are enjoying my writing.
      I am looking forward to writing more stories!

      From Maggie

  2. * WOW! This story is magnificent I love how you used really interesting sentences.

    *You have used amazing punctuation and I also like how you used butterflies in my stomach.

    / My wish would be for you to keep writing and use more amazing words.

  3. Maggie what a great job you did! Your writing is superb and really brings forth a sense of adventure and suspense. The part about butterflies in your stomach turning to large dragonflies is so very creative – nice work! I hope to read more from you in the future.

    • Thank you for the comment you left, I really liked how you complemented on my writing.
      I am looking forward to writing more 100WC’s!

      From Maggie

  4. Hi Maggie,

    I really like your story! I loved all the describing words you used, and I think your story is amazing! Great job! 😀


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