Our Assembly

Each week at our whole school assembly a different class presents their learning and other exciting things occurring in their classroom with us. Last Friday our class had their first Assembly.

Some things we spoke about at our assembly included:

  • Technology within our classroom
  • Our Prep Buddies
  • Camp

Below is a video of Camp. We hope you enjoy.


  • What do you enjoy about Assembly?
  • What is your favourite part of assembly each week?
  • What did you enjoy most about our assembly?

7 thoughts on “Our Assembly

  1. Hi Miss K and 6EK,

    I think our assembly went really well! I enjoyed it when we showed the camp video, it was great how Mr.A got to film on the super scooper! I can’t wait until our next class assembly.

    From Cecilia 😀

  2. Hi Miss K and 6EK,
    I think our assembly went great like just how we planned it. Thanks for a great camp Miss K it was truly the best last primary school camp. I am so so so grateful.

    Thanks Issy

  3. Hi 6ek,
    We are the learning lizards
    from Killara primary school. We watched your video and thought it was very interesting and we would like to have an assembly like that soon.
    We are very interested in what topics you are learning this year

    goodbye from Sarah & Emma

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