Our Prep Buddies

Today we had a fantastic day with our Buddies.

Not only did we get to help them borrow from our school library but we also begun Prep Playground duty.

The students in year 6 are very excited to be able to play and help the preps out on the yard.

8 thoughts on “Our Prep Buddies

  1. Really enjoying the time we are spending with our prep buddies at lunch and in the playground. Can’t wait to see them and have fun together.


  2. Hi,
    I really enjoy playing with our buddies they are so cute and fun to play with. Thanks Miss K for a surprise visit to our buddies.

    From Issy

  3. Hi 6EK,

    You are so lucky to have Prep buddies! I bet they love having some big kids to help them out.
    What does your Playground Duty involve? Is it just playing with them, or helping them with some certain things?

    From Miss T 🙂

    • Hi Miss T,
      When we do Prep duty we play and help if theres a problem. Hope that answered your question!

      From Ella 6ek

  4. Thank-you Miss K for our surprise visit to our buddies. It was lots of getting to play with them on the Adventure Playground. I also enjoy getting to eat our lunch with them.

    From Maggie

  5. Hi Miss K, and 6EK

    It was lots of fun playing with our prep buddies, thanks for the surprise visit Miss K! I think our prep duties are going great! I can’t wait for the following weeks of prep duty 🙂


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