Skype with Class 4B

Today we had a Skype session with Class4B from Mildura.

As part of our #ebuddies14 each week we focus on connecting with a different class from around the world. In doing this it allows us to see how others learn and allows us to share the wonderful learning we are doing with others.

During our Skype session we spoke to Class4B about the weather, the size of their school, their school camp and things they have been learning about this year. We can not wait to continue to connect with other classes from around the world. imgres-1 Questions:

  • What did you think about our Skype session with class 4B?
  • What do you like about connecting with other classes?
  • If you could ask class 4B one more question what would it be?

One thought on “Skype with Class 4B

  1. Hi 6EK,

    I thought our Skype session was great. The students in my class really enjoyed it!
    I bet you are all very excited about camp! I wonder if you will use your Chromebooks to do some reflecting about camp next week?

    Have fun,

    Miss T 🙂

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