Genius Hour

Class 6EK is taking part in Genius Hour. If you are wondering what it is watch the video below.

The students in 6EK are given one hour of class time to research and investigate a topic that they like. But the topic that they investigate must follow the following three rules

  • There needs to be a question that they want to answer that can not be answered by Google.
  • They must do research on their topic
  • They need to share their findings with others.

Within 6EK some students are working individually and others are working in pairs or small groups.


  • What do you like most about Genius Hour?
  • What is your question you are researching?
  • Why did you choose to research this question?

12 thoughts on “Genius Hour

  1. Hello Miss Kyritsis and 6EK,

    I was visiting your blog to leave a comment for Cecilia’s 100 Word Challenge entry and noticed that you had written a post about Genius Hour. So, I checked it out!

    I team teach a 5/6 class in Victoria and we are introducing Genius Hour this year too! What a coincidence! We will be having our first session on Friday. I wonder if you have any advice for us?

    I will be doing a Genius Hour project with my teaching partner too. We haven’t decided on our focus yet. There’s lots we could do and we are making a short list. One of the things I like most about Genius Hour is that you can follow an area of personal interest and learn more about it whilst developing skills (eg. Researching, problem solving, collaboration) that you can use in all areas.

    I am looking forward to reading more about your projects.

    Miss Crowther
    Upper Plenty P.S

    • Dear Miss Crowther,

      The link for your class blog is not working I was going to add it to our Blogroll. I will comment back tomorrow with students

      Miss K

  2. Dear Miss K and 6EK,

    I am really excited about Genius Hour, because it gives you an opportunity to research things you are interested in. I think Genius hour is going to be really fun!

    – Cecilia

    • I am really excited as well about Genius Hour Cecilia. I look forward to seeing some fantastic learning in our classroom.

      Miss K

  3. Some advice I have would be to pick a topic that can interest you for 10 weeks for example, the history of NFL.

    • Hi Anthony,
      It was great to meet you today on Skype.
      I agree with you when you wrote that your Genius Hour topic needs to be something that you will be interested in for the whole time. Last year in my Year 4 class some students didn’t use their time wisely and thought they were finished in only 2 weeks!
      It is interesting to see what kinds of things you can do with all of the information you find out, especially now that you all have Chromebooks!
      Good luck with Genius Hour!

      From Miss T 🙂

  4. Hi Miss K,

    I am very excited about Genius Hour. I have so many great ideas and it seems like so much fun!

    From Ella 🙂

  5. Hi Eleni,

    I am coming along to your session on Genius Hour at the DLTV. We will be starting our Genius Hour program the first week of Term 3. I was wondering if you have any tips about how to get started?


    Erin Jackson

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