The big surprise was… 1:1 Chromebooks

The big surprise that I was keeping from the students was revealed on Monday.


Each student in year 6 received a Chromebook. If you are wondering what a Chromebook is just watch the video below to give you an insight on this wonderful device …

The students are very excited to be using these devices and have been exploring the power of them within our classroom.

Students have also been learning about being Cyber-Safe on the Internet.

imgresBelow are some photos of the students exploring and using their new Chromebooks.


  • What do you like most about your Chromebook?
  • What are some of the class rules about the use of Chromebooks?
  • What do you like about using Google in the classroom?

14 thoughts on “The big surprise was… 1:1 Chromebooks

  1. Great to see you all so excited to start using your Chromebooks. I cant wait to see some of the work you are going to be able to achieve this year.
    Mr Aylen

    • Thanks Mr A for setting up our Chromebooks. We will be sharing our work very soon on our blog.
      From Class 6EK

    • Thanks Mr A,

      The Chromebooks are awesome!

      I really like how the Chromebooks are run with only an internet connection.

      Thanks for setting them up.

  2. I like using google because you don’t have to save then send it to yourself because it automatically saves. I am loving the Chromebooks.

    Anthony 🙂

  3. I really enjoy using the Chromebooks and I like have one Chromebook for myself and not having to worry about saving my work.


  4. I like the Chromebooks because they are easy to use and I don’t have to save my work from Google onto a drive, it saves automatically. I love how we have our own Chromebook so we don’t have to wait for a turn on the computers.


  5. Hi Miss K, and 6EK

    I am loving using the Cromebooks in class!

    One of the things I like most about using the Cromebooks is that it uses Google, so if you do work on it, it atomatically saves to your account, so you can work on it from home.

    Another thing I like about using a Cromebook is that they are really fast to boot up, which makes it a lot quicker to start your work.

    – From Cecilia 😀

  6. Hi Miss K,

    I’m loving the ChromeBooks they are so fun and exciting and I don’t have to worry about me getting one because i have my own!

    What I love most about my ChromeBook is not having to save my work I love the fact I can just exit and don’t even worry about pressing save.

    Some of the class rules are not to carry the ChromeBook by the screen but to hold it with two hands on the base. Also another class rule is no food and drink while using the ChromeBooks. Also don’t walk around the classroom with a ChromeBook unless asked by a teacher.

    I like using Google in the classroom because you don’t have to email your work to yourself you just jump on your computer at home and log in and there’s all your work!

    Thanks Issy 🙂

  7. To class 6ek

    Thanks Miss K and Mr A for getting us on the Chromebooks. I am having so much fun on them.

    From Will

  8. Hey class 6EK
    It looks pretty awesome that you have chromebooks for yourself! You are very lucky to have chromebooks. That reminds me a girl called Catia bought one. What does it fell like having your own chromebook?
    – Amy

  9. Dear miss K and Class 6ek,

    Hope your enjoying your chromebooks. It is very exciting that you got to have one to yourself. Hope you enjoy the rest of the year. have fun with the blog.
    from Catia

  10. Dear 6EK,

    It was fantastic to Skype with you this afternoon! It must be really exciting to have your very own Chromebook!
    Is this your first year of using Chromebooks?
    Have you got a way to use Flash on your Chromebooks if you need?

    We were also wondering if you get to take the Chromebook home every night?


    From 4B

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